BitTorrent Blocked by your Internet Service Provider? No Problem!

Ever since its inception, the BitTorrent protocol has grown to become one of the most popular peer-to-peer file sharing techniques available. However, due to emerging issues such as copyright violation, bandwidth overuse amongst others, the BitTorrent protocol hasn’t been welcomed with open arms in many circles. This has to blocking of this convenient file sharing method by many Internet Service Providers all around the world.

Fortunately, there are always solutions to Internet related problems and torrent blocking is no exception. There are 3 easy ways to circumvent torrent blocking. Let us briefly examine them:

1. Change your Internet Service Provider

That’s right. Do away with them! They don’t deserve your business. Why give them your money when they aren’t satisfying all your needs? More often than not, only one or two Internet Service Providers in a country block access to torrents. And while they might have outdone their more ‘lenient’ counterparts in other areas (maybe better calling rates, SMS packages e.t.c.), the question remains, “Are you willing to let go of that Internet Service Provider’s other benefits in exchange for unlimited access to your beloved torrents?” For most ‘heavy’ torrent users, the answer is yes. If your answer is no, fret not. There are still more ways to bypass torrent blocking.

2. Use Fetchr

Fetchr is a "BitTorrent client in the cloud" that allows you to download torrents at sizzling speeds without revealing your IP address. It’s fairly easy to use.

How do you get started?

In addition to the simplicity of the service, Fetchr has other perks which include: privacy, insanely fast speeds and to top it all, the service is accessible anywhere. offers various packages at different prices to suit your internet needs.

3. Use ZenVPN

In a nutshell what ZenVPN does is remove any blocks or threats whatsoever. As far as privacy is concerned, the service not only hides your real location, but also encrypts all your traffic, ensuring your Internet Service Provider doesn’t know what you’re up to.

ZenVPN offers a free trial after which you can subscribe to any of their pocket-friendly packages.

So there you go! Go forth and enjoy your torrents. Next time your ISP blocks the BitTorrent Protocol, use these hacks to bypass them.