Q: Why do they block these useful websites?

Governments block them at the demands of movie and music industry lobbysts. Organizations block them prevent employees from engaging in non-work-related activities and prevent downloading on their network.

We try to collect the information on country-wide blocks. To see the information for a specific site, go to that site's page.

Q: How does TorrentUnblock work?

Simple: TorrentUnblock acts as a proxy that requests pages from a remote server and returns them to your browser. Since you never connect directly to the blocked server, the filters cannot detect it.

Q: Can you unblock websites other that the ones listed?

Absolutely! Just go to the home page, enter the address and hit "Unblock" and we'll unblock it for you.

Q: I an unable to access website X using your service!

While we try our best to make TorrentUnblock compatible with as many sites as possible. However, certain technical limitations make impossible to make a perfect "online unblocker". Plus, some places do content filtering based on deep packet inspection, i.e. filter based on the content of the page rather that the server it is loaded from, which also renders proxies like this one useless. A much more reliable way to circumvent filtering is using a VPN service.